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Business Overview has been "published" and we are waiting for Network Solutions to make it live. GeoLogix is a robust market data and business demographics analysis platform specifically built to assist insurance companies and their distributors with SMART GROWTH through the use of market intelligence. GeoLogix Solutions team members have at least a decade of success in the insurance industry. We are insurance professionals serving insurance professionals! You benefit from our recognition of and response to the needs of companies competing in the insurance industry.

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United States

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Finance > Insurance Services > Insurance Consulting and Information Services

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GeoLogix includes data for the insurance industry focused on the small commercial market, plus risk and exposure details that are highly useful to insurers but not found elsewhere. Using GeoLogix you can better "profile" markets and accounts, provide clearer appetite direction to distributors, and increase the quality of your submissions. What's more, GeoLogix is Web-based for maximum flexibility and ease of use.

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GeoLogix Solutions is a new company staffed by long-time industry veterans

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